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We offer the current tours as of right now: with more to come!

(Important Note: All Tours Must be Booked Online at least one hour in advance)


Experience the history of downtown Durham, strolling between Durham's historic sites. Learn of Durham's pivotal role in the industrialization of the American South, how a Durham banking magnate transformed the lives of millions of rural farmers, and how Durham became an icon of modernity.

Durham is the home of a litany of African American historic sites. Once the site of America's largest black-owned business, the community known as Black Wall Street was a refuge of hope and opportunity for an oppressed people. Whether you want to learn about architects, artists, activists, or entrepreneurs, the African American history tour will surely inspire you.

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A vicious murder committed by a secretive cult, a gangster drama to rival the Godfather, and one of the most controversial murder trials in American history which still divides the people of North Carolina to this day. These chilling true stories and more await you on the Durham True Crime Tour. 


Travel through downtown Raleigh and experience the evolution of the city's history with a few of its many nationally designated historical locations. from its humble beginnings as a rural hamlet to its development into one of the fastest-growing cities in the country.


Raleigh's African American community has produced educators, engineers, political leaders, medical scientists, military officers, and much more. Experience the history of Raleigh's African American community.


The Oak City is filled to the brim with frightening true tales of crime and intrigue. From one of North Carolina's most frightening serial killers, a brazenly violent Russian oligarch, and Raleigh's answer to Jack the Ripper, join us on the Raleigh True Crime tour for these and more true stories from the dark side of Raleigh history.


Why do NC State University students whisper of creepy entities in the university's underground tunnels? Who is the ghost of a long-dead nurse who still desperately tries to heal the infirm? And why does the university's official history claim that the school was supernaturally cursed from its very foundation? Join us for these haunting true stories and more on the Raleigh Ghost and Urban Legends Walk.


It's fitting that a town with a name like "Chapel" Hill would feature numerous examples of beautiful historic churches, from towering Gothic structures to graceful neoclassical buildings, this tour will instill in you not only a deep appreciation for the town's fantastic historic architecture, but also the fascinating stories behind their foundations.


From the unsolved murder of a student in UNC's beloved gardens to a potential conspiracy to silence a politically active bookseller: these stories and more await you on the Chapel Hill True Crime Tour, a look into the dark side of Chapel Hill's history.


From the ghosts of long dead lovers wandering the woods of Chapel Hill, to unexplainable sounds in UNC's memorial hall, to rumors of a spooky secret society lurking in a dreary gothic castle on the outskirts of the college campus, UNC has plenty of spooky campfire stories and lore from the town's history. The best part is: all of the stories are based off of true Chapel Hill myths.

Explore the history of the Gate City, a place without parallel in North Carolina or American history. Greensboro served as the southernmost stop of the underground railroad, hosted the largest textile mill on planet earth, and pioneered women's education. Hear the stories of Greensboro's amazing past and present on our guided walking tour of a selection of Greensboro's historical treasures.


From academics to businessmen to community leaders, learn the stories of the achievements of Greensboro's African American community. On this guided tour of Greensboro's African American history, learn the stories of how the community found creative ways to cope with the systems of discrimination around them, from the creation of Green Book hotels, to the foundation of church communities, to the creation of educational and business institutions.

Explore the dark side of Greensboro's history. From mental institution escapees murdering a taxi driver, to one of Greensboro's most chilling serial murderers, to the torture and killing of a local celebrity, this tour will provide morbid insight into the more frightening face of Greensboro's history.


Winston-Salem: the industrial heart of North Carolina. Join us on this walking tour of downtown Winston to explore the rise of the city as a center of productivity and progress in the American South. Tobacco factories, wagon manufactories, towering bank headquarters, and more await you on this jaunt through one of North Carolina's most treasured historic cities.


Explore the dark side of Winston-Salem's history, from a mysterious murder committed by a serial prison escape artist to the rise of one of  America's most infamous cult leaders to the inexplicable murder of an entire family, join us on the Winston-Salem True Crime Tour to hear the darkest stories from Winston-Salem's past.


Explore one of the most innovative and fascinating locations in North Carolina: its history as a railroad hub, a center of agricultural inventions, and the home of one of North Carolina's first integrated social clubs.


Explore the grounds of Dorothea Dix Hospital, the oldest and largest insane asylum in North Carolina. Operating from 1856 until 2012, this tour focuses on the tragic and dark history of mental health treatment in America. Join us on this outdoor tour of the extensive hospital grounds.

Please be aware: since the former buildings of Dix Hospital are owned by the North Carolina DHHS, we are not permitted to enter any of the historic buildings, though you may catch peaks of the interior through windows.

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Read what real people are saying about our tour guides!

"The tour guide was well organized, knowledgeable, and humorous. He was great and had an answer for every question."

Emily Pierce
- July, 2023

"Our guide was not only very informative but clearly passionate about history. It was amazing to have a tour guide who wasn’t there for the job but for the history."

Michael McCaskill
-May 2023

Great tour today by a young man who was extremely knowledgeable about the history. I really love black history and was amazed at how much he knew. He is an asset to the community.

Peggy Williams
-July, 2023

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