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Lucky Strike Tower
The downtown Durham and Durham True Crime tours meet here at the American Tobacco Campus underneath the water tower. The location can be found on Google Maps by searching "Lucky Strike Tower"


CCB Plaza

The Durham African American history tour meets here at CCB Plaza, located in the center of downtown. Particularly, you can find the host in front of "Major" the bull statue.


State Capitol
The Downtown Raleigh tour meets here. You can find the tour guide near the war memorial statue.


Chavis Park
The Raleigh African American Heritage Tour begins here. Specifically, the tour meets in front of the carousel.


Moore Square
The Raleigh True Crime Tour begins here, at front of the Moore Square Visitor's Center


Williams Courtyard
The Raleigh Ghost and Urban Legends Walk meets here, at 2600 Yarbrough Drive


All of the Chapel Hill tours meet at Rougarou/Imbibe:
108 Henderson St.

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