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Fun Things to Do in Durham, North Carolina

What are some things to do in Durham, NC? More than you might expect! Durham is a city that is packed full of fun stuff to do on both weekdays and weekends. Check out our list of some of the most fun activities and places to visit in Durham for tourists, visitors, and locals alike.

Take a Dive Into Local History and Culture with a Guided Historic Walking Tour

Downtown Durham History Tour

Durham is a city packed with fascinating history and culture. However, Durham historical sites and cultural attractions are unusually hard to find and difficult to access stories about. Luckily, Triangle Walking Tours can help you find out about the city's wonderful history and culture, from its role in the foundation of modern American capitalism to its status as the tobacco capital of the world. Durham is also a hotspot of African American history. Durham's black history includes serving as a beacon of prosperity and progress in the discriminatory South, as well as a hotspot of activism and philosophy.

Triangle Walking Tours is the best way to experience Durham's local history. The guide is a local historian who can share tons of stories that reveal Durham's amazing history and culture that hides below the surface. You can book your spot online at

Experience the Beauty of Sarah P. Duke Botanical Gardens

Duke Gardens

Visitors to the Bull City will surely marvel at the Duke Gardens, one of the largest and most acclaimed botanical gardens in America. It's no wonder that over 600,000 people choose to visit this wonderland each year. From its historic italianette terrace gardens to its floating aquascapes, the Sarah Duke Gardens will certainly grow your appreciation for the city. Plan your trip at

Get to Know the Lemurs at the Duke Lemur Center

Lemur center

Here's a good trivia question: which place has the most lemurs on Earth outside of Madagascar? The answer is Durham. The Duke Lemur Center hosts more than 200 lemurs and bush babies of more than 13 species! You can encounter these rare and wonderful creatures with a visit to the Lemur Center, as well as learn more about their lifestyle, habits, and activities.

Don't forget that all visits are by appointment only, so sign up ahead of time at

Take a walk on the dark side with the Durham True Crime Tour

Durham True Crime tour

If you're someone with edgier tastes, who prefers dark tales of violence and murder, then you will love the Durham True Crime tour. The tour, hosted by a local historian, takes you between various sites related to some of Durham's most gruesome and haunting acts of violence and criminality in its history, ranging from dramatic tales of organized crime to a long trial that shocked the nation. If you want to walk on the dark side of Durham's history, join the tour at Tours must be booked at least an hour before they start.

Enjoy some tasty drinks at the Durham Distillery

Durham distillery

Specializing in gin and other spirits, the Durham Distillery has earned a great reputation as one of the best spirit distilleries in the nation. Not only does the Durham distillery manufacture delicious drinks, but they you can observe the artful and scientific process behind the creation of these drinks by booking a tour on their website at If you're only interested in tasting their drinks, then you can try them at the Corpse Reviver Bar and Lounge:

See a show at DPAC

Beyond tasty drinks and history, Durham also hosts a state-of-the-art theater venue at the Durham Performing Arts Center, better known as DPAC (pronounced dee-pack). The theater is one of the most well-attended venues in the country, consistently ranking in the top 10 nationwide. DPAC primarily hosts Broadway performances, though you can also attend concerts, stand-up, and many other fun events. You can book an event or learn more on their website:

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