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Raleigh Walking Tours

Triangle Walking Tours offers multiple different tours around Raleigh, some permanent and some seasonal. When it comes to things to do in Raleigh, then these tours are definitely worth checking out. Whether you're a tourist, a new arrival, or long-time Raleigh veteran, these tours are fun and informative for all. All tours are hosted by a professional local historian.

Permanent Tours - These take place every Sunday

Raleigh Historic Downtown Tour

Come with us each Sunday at 2:00 to experience Raleigh's historic downtown. Featuring a beautiful array of architecture from multiple eras of history, the tour will give you a glimpse of Raleigh's early post-colonial history, its growth in the antebellum and reconstruction era, and onwards into its modern age. Take this leisurely stroll with us to enjoy the city's beautiful architecture and learn the stories of its past.

Raleigh African American History Tour

Did you know that Raleigh featured one of the largest hubs of educated, middle-class African Americans during Reconstruction? Thanks to the presence of Shaw University, the oldest historically black college or university in the South, Raleigh's reputation for black excellence was unprecedented. Come with us on this guided history tour of Raleigh's African American history, and learn about the trailblazing politicians, brilliant doctors, savvy businessmen, and keen-eyed architects that Raleigh's black community has produced.

Raleigh True Crime Tour

For those brave enough to handle it, the Raleigh True Crime Tour takes you on a stroll between the sites of some of Raleigh's most disturbing and infamous crimes. If you are a true crime aficionado, then this chilling tour is perfect for you.

Raleigh Ghost and Urban Legend Walk

If you enjoy spooky stories around a campfire, then join us for a tour of some of the creepiest legends and lore to come out of one of Raleigh's most beloved educational institutions. From stories of demons lurking in catacombs beneath NC State University, to the stories of a kindhearted ghost who heals the ill, to many more supernatural tales from the Oak City. Together, lets learn the truth, lies, and slippery areas in between that define these stories.

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